Confidentiality and Privacy in Psychotherapy

Sessions between psychotherapist and patient are strictly confidential, except under certain legally defined situations involving threats of harm to self or others, and situations of child abuse, elder abuse, or abuse of otherwise dependent individuals. If I suspect you are a danger to others, I am required by law to notify the police and to inform any intended victim(s). In the case of possible harm to yourself, I am ethically bound to inform your nearest relative, significant other, or to otherwise enlist methods to prevent your harm to self or suicide.  In instances of child abuse, elder abuse, or dependent other abuse, I must notify the proper authorities. 

Effective January 1, 2015, licensed therapists in California are now mandated reporters of therapy clients who:
1. knowingly access or trade content that depicts minors in acts of obscene sexual conduct.
2. promote, employ or engage in conduct that involves:
   a. prostitution (or live sexual performance) of a minor.
   b. modeling or posing a minor alone or with others to produce a depiction of obscene sexual conduct.

If you are seeing a therapist who is a CA Registered Associate (Marriage and Family Therapist Associate; Social Worker Associate; or Professional Clinical Counselor Associate), your case and file will be discussed periodically with that therapist’s clinical supervisor and at supervision meetings with other members of the Psychotherapy Works, Inc. clinical staff.  This is simply to make sure you are getting the best care possible as your therapist will gather insights and ideas from the staff for how to best help you get the results you are seeking from therapy.