Female Sexual Dysfunctions

Vaginismus (the clenching of the vaginal walls such that penetration is not possible) and Vulvodynia (pain in the vulva) are two common female sexual problems that our therapists often help clients with. A detailed sexual history will be taken and various somatic psychotherapeutic techniques (such as EMDR) will be used in sessions to help clients reprogram the body-mind sexual response cycle. Often your therapist will recommend that you work with a dilator kit at home or simultaneously consult with a vaginal physical therapist during your work. A holistic approach must be taken to achieve long-term, healthy gains.

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Treatment Specializations:

  • Adolescent Gaming and Porn Addiction
  • EMDR (eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing)
  • Alternative Family Planning/ Infertility
  • Surrogacy; IVF and AI Topical Specialty
  • Family Planning using Sperm and/or Egg Donation
  • Gay and Lesbian Individual, Couples and Family Therapy
  • “Coming Out” Issues/ Overcoming Internalized Homophobia
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Major Life Adjustment Issues (Divorce, Move/Relocation, Loss of Job; New Career; Birth or Adoption)
  • Grief/Loss (of loved one or the loss of a previous romantic relationship or miscarriage/stillbirth)

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